Stefani Srl is a dynamic company, over the years we have constantly developed our machines by applying the best technologies available.

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There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone.



Butyl Machines and Gas Filler Machines


Butyl Machine

Butyl Machine

K700 Hi-Tech

K700 Synchro

The K700 Synchro butyl machines is equipped with a modern 7 ' Omron color touch

display. All the adjustments are set and displayed on the display eg: working speed, set temperature, extruders distance, stell holder enabling, any alarms , etc.

The K700 HI-TECH butyl machines are managed by a latest generation Omron PLC, which has the task of monitoring all the main functions of the machine. The proportional hydraulic valve with which it is equipped, allows to extrude with extreme precision. .


Butyl machine

Gas Filler Machine

K250 Logic

Gas Filler RTS

The filling operation takes place by inserting the Argon gas at the base of the insulating glass, using the delivery probe, while the probe inserted in the upper part sucks the air present. Argon gas being heavier than air fills the window from the bottom and slowly rises upwards fino to be aspirated by the probe.

The K250 Logic butyl machines was initially built for emerging markets but now also appreciated in Europe for its accurate, robust and reliable mechanics. The controls are designed to withstand intensive use without compromising aesthetics and practicality.


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Technical assistance

The spare parts of our Butyling machines are available in stock. We can supply all the gaskets, the conveyor belts, the mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components, even for machines with more than 20 years of life. machines we have speci fic solvents for butyl and special greases that resist high temperatures for the lubrication of the extrusion apparatus. of the machine and the year of construction. Fast shipping worldwide with DHL courier and GLS courier for Italy.


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