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An accurate design leads to excellent results, the search for effective solutions and the use of high quality components make our machines efficient and reliable.




they are not subject to wear even when using CHROMATECH stainless steel profiles. The new Omron operator panels are equipped with a tactile display for simple and intuitive operational use, the realistic and captivating graphic setting makes them extremely functional. With the degree of protection IP65 they are perfectly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The K700 Hi-Tech Butyler comes standard with the automatic shutdown function of the motors after 4 minutes of inactivity, this allows to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and ensure a long life of the components.

The K700 HI-TECH Butyl Machine is equipped with a particular proportional hydraulic valve that allows you to extrude with extreme precision, on both sides of the groove, always the same amount of butyl even by varying the speed of the conveyor belt. The rod holders, the pneumatic gripper and the butylating phases are synchronized with the working speed and do not require adjustments. The operator can in any case set the amount of extruded butyl (g. X ml.) And modify the start and end of the butylation on the groove, simply by acting on the Touch-Screen. The extruders built in steel are hardened and chromed



  • 7 "color touch screen with Omron PLC
  • Self-centering pneumatic gripper with 4 pick-up rollers
  • Rotating extruders with automatic positioning
  • Hardened and chromed extruders
  • Central batten holder for butylating round and shaped pieces
  • Pneumatic batten press at the outlet from the extrusion apparatus
  • Hydraulic unit with double silenced pump
  • Safety thermostat to control the maximum temperature
  • Machine hour counter in work
  • Counter of the number of recharges made
  • Conveyor belt with silicone coating
  • Working direction from right to left
  • Constant extrusion of butyl at any speed of the conveyor belt
  • Thermoregulation with PID control
  • Exhausted butyl signal
  • Automatic return of the piston to exhausted butyl
  • Air purge valve
  • Automatic shutdown of the motors after 4 minutes of non-use of the machine
  • Weekly timer for machine preheating
  • Automatically height-adjustable sealing for 6.5 and 8 mm grooves
  • Hydraulic oil with additive antifoam and anti-rust filtered at 9 micron
  • Date and time display
  • Compressed air filtration and lubrication treatment unit
  • Pneumatic tensioning of the conveyor belt
  • Current stabilizer power supply
  • Web module for data communication and monitoring via network (optional)
  • Pickled and oven-painted steel structure with epoxy powders



  • Pneumatic operating pressure bar. 7/8
  • Compressed air consumption 90/100 l / hour
  • Power supply 400 VAC 3 Phases + Neutral (50/60 Hz.)
  • Absorption in the heating phase kW 2.3
  • Absorption during work kW 1,7
  • Total installed power VA 4500
  • Sound emission dB. 55
  • Length 300 cm
  • Width 74 cm
  • Height 113 cm
  • Weight kg. 670

  • Load capacity kg. 8
  • Min / max opening of extrusion heads 5/32 mm
  • Precision positioning of extrusion heads mm + - 0.1
  • Maximum working speed m / min 38
  • Average working speed m / min 24/26
  • Adjustable extrusion temperature 120/145 ° C
  • Winding cylinder diameter 200 mm
  • Constant extrusion of adjustable butyl g. x ml. 1.5 / 4.5
  • Charging time min. 3
  • Machine warm-up time min 40/50
  • Automatic variable hydraulic pressure bar. 60/140



K700 Hi-Tech model 2020


Extrusion group, pneumatic gripper and two rod holders.

Control panel with Omron 7 "color touch screen.


The hydraulic unit has an oil level indicator and is mounted on anti-vibration feet.

Compare the K700 Hi-Tech Butyl Machine with K700 Synchro.

Note: We are constantly striving to improve our products. We therefore reserve the right to make any improvements and modifications on our machines that we deem necessary without prior notice.


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