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RTS 1224

The Caricagas RTS 1224 machine is very compact, ideal for filling insulating glass units of any size with Argon gas. Filling is fast and the self-test probe cuts off the gas flow when the glass is saturated.


RTS 1224


The filling operation takes place by inserting the Argon gas at the base of the window, using the delivery probe, while the probe inserted in the upper part sucks the air present. Argon gas, being heavier than air, fills the window from below and slowly rises upwards until it is sucked in by the probe. The sensor inside the machine analyzes the percentage

le of gas and ends the cycle with an acoustic signal only when the presence of Argon gas inside is at 90/95%. Furthermore, a series of 8 green and two red LEDs indicate the level of gas concentration in the window during filling. With the RTS 1224 GAS CHARGER you can use various types of gas: Argon, Krypton, Xenon or mixtures.



  • Suction probe and self-analysis
  • New sensor for gas percentage analysis
  • Double delivery to fill 2 identical glasses at the same time
  • Gradual indication LED of the filling percentage
  • End of filling acoustic signal
  • Automatic closing of the gas delivery after filling
  • Filling speed 12/14 liters per min.
  • RAL 5017 and RAL 7035 colors
  • Supply voltage 230 Volt 50 Hz.
  • Dimensions 33x20x34 cm
  • Weight kg. 10.20

Note: We are constantly striving to improve our products. We therefore reserve the right to make any improvements and modifications on our machines that we deem necessary without prior notice.


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